Our mission: Complete Education: Liberal Dart

Schooling in Average schools in India

Taking my account from 1988-2001: Chandrapura, Distt. Bokaro

We usually had music periods like the periods of six other subjects we study at this school in this small town we live in. Apart from music we have games period as well.

We have musical instruments in our school and some students play these instruments too. I don’t know what kind of music class we ideally should have in order to inspire one of us into another A R Rehman or at least a guitarist who can stand with an instrument in an upcoming struggling band.

What we have is a 20 minutes session in which we are dictated to write a poem in hindi, then we spend the next 20 minutes singing that song in mostly similar sort of rhythms every time.

Our games periods are either teacher instructed PT sessions or a self curated game of some sort but most of the times its cricket even if its not a games period.

All the extra curricular activities somehow happen during specific times of the year that we get to participate in or may be play cricket after bunking the event altogether. Now, I wish I could participate into these events had someone or something really could have inspired me to do something beyond studies. My parents tried and I wasn’t a good listener. These events were mostly like a poetry recital, debate competition, G. K competition and other such things whenever we had to attend these events just because some strict teacher made sure that we go and sit in the convocation hall.

I simply didn’t understand exactly when would these things help me if at all they help me in the future. These things like music, sports, debate competitions, poetry recital, painting and making things out of clay. We just did these things as a routine and there was no atmosphere of seriousness anywhere or any kind of appreciation or feedback on your work. I don’t like that school and I hate my teachers now, they just didn’t do the right job on me and many students like me who go through these routine work that they do not understand whether they did well or worse. All we know that this is how the world is supposed to be.

My father used to appreciate certain things I used to write on pieces of paper. I used to call those “kavita”. The word poem is called “kavita” in hindi. I started writing these “kavita”s and nobody could tell me how to preserve these kavitas or make an attempt to publish these somewhere. Eventually this time-pass of mine got enough appreciations from my friends and family that I kept doing it but never could publish or improve beyond average. In a similar way I was good at sketching and I know even my wife is.

Cumulative goal of the Project:

Creation of a  replicable and self upgrading model of lateral learning, something on the lines of liberal arts. This model can be applied as a module in existing school infrastructure. This model will empower a teacher to provide a modular education that insures teaching, assessment and practical without requiring the teacher to do anything extra or difficult. In other words, all teachers, no matter whether from a village school or a school in a City, could provide the same standard learning experience, irrespective of the teaching effectiveness of the teacher alone.

Project Language:

When I look back at my school days, I realize one crucial subject that lays the foundation of our education. This subject is language. The skill of language enables a student to read and write and it does enable him to understand the world. With writing, the student can communicate his understanding to his teachers and mentors and get the perfect feedback loop to improve his life every day when it comes to learning.

The language skill inculcates the habit of learning, asking questions and expressing disagreement/agreement. These are the bare essentials for even being a responsible citizen of a democracy.

As an entrepreneur, I need to fix the communication gap that exists between a student and a teacher. This can be achieved by working on  “language” as a subject in K12 domain of education.

Project Art:

When we teach the young ones, we teach them life. Life has many fruits to be enjoyed besides the required labors of responsibilities. Without art, life would not have beauty and fun. Music, acting, poetry, design and creation of anything beautiful, have been giving us, grownups, the opportunity to appreciate life. In the same way children deserve to learn these skills and must learn to appreciate the skills of others. The skill of art.

I plan to capture art from around me and put it on sale. They say you can sell anything. Let me try to sell those precious hours these kids put in to create not so perfect art. What you would buy here is a child’s name and progress report for all his life. Mentor him through all possible channels we can put at this clild’s disposal. Lets make the first channel Facebook. You can literally raise a child by monitoring his/her progress and providing him all the necessary guidance he needs. And because you don’t need to meet this child, you can raise a 1000 child, all at once.

Project Harvard:

Not everyone can study at the university of Harvard or like. But, universities can  learn to become like these universities of excellence by observing, replicating and improvising upon what they do at Harvard and like.

Through this project, we intend to create an atmosphere of learning through collaboration.

Core Team Member: Ipsa

Ipsa is much more talented than I am in extra curricular activities and even subject studies. Hence, me not getting enough of extra curricular activities or appreciation takes me as far as it could take her in professional growth so far. We both say it a couple of times everyday that we should do something about the education system of India and may be start with training our nephews into educated learners who can learn to carve their future out from their present. We both agree that the best gift we can give our nephews is the gift of english and mathematics so that they can understand this world on their own. We also need to teach them to give it back to the world when they get a chance. And why just our nephews related by blood and why not all the kids of my friends and fellow citizens of India.


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