Memory lanes of Malgudi Days

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We set out to go to a place called Agumbe. All I knew was, its going to be the place, where Malgudi days was shot some 30 years ago.


We weighed a bunch of options before we happened to be at the right place, in the rightmost kind of condition.

We were desperate to find a night-stay that is surrounded by nature; not vehicles honking around. There had to be a place like that, at least in Agumbe.


And we found, by shear luck, the perfect next wonderful hours of fun filled accommodation, company, food and adventure. although there were leeches and other insects in the vicinity, we were perfectly comfortable in the tents put there by Mr. Mallya; I did ask him whether he is a kin of Vijay Mallya!! He wasn’t 😦


The place was in the middle of a jungle. The stay was completely organized by one of our celebrities from Indian TV.  This celebrity, is one of the side-actor kids that were cast in some episodes of Malgudi days.



Mr. Sudhindra Mallya


With his permission I am posting his phone number, right here:


Please get in touch with him for a breath-taking experience in our very own Malgudi*





Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami created a fictitious town of Malgudi in our memories. The tool was the TV series called Malgudi Days, which was directed by Mr. Shankar Nag.


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