Digitize yourself and be a part of OpenSource movement

The world is small for those who know how to browse the internet. The world economy runs when people have needs and some other people have supplies. This trading of needs and supplies is what makes the world go round.

Now with the ever rising infrastructure of the internet and the applications that can accomplish grand avenues in each and every domain of humanity, we are in the age of internet with sharper tools in our hands than ever before. We can use these tools if we learn these tools feasibly and quickly.

Open Source provides the exact environment in which everyone can learn, teach and earn their livlihood without stepping on each other.

Now is the age in which you can publish yourself. You can create small worlds that follow your trends. This technological era provides a means for everyone to grow as big as they want.

People involved are:

Artists, entrepreneurs, media companies, online shops and what not… The list of possible domains, which need web presence is inexhaustible.

The demand of programmers in the market is rising at never before seen rate.

Supplies, good supplies and the best supply if not advertised in the same order of increasing superiority, the consumer community suffers; for real. Consumers deserve your best supply and you have a moral responsibility to give them what they deserve.

New innovations can take shape very quickly with advancements in programming techniques. Programming languages and application design fundamentals have been ever evolving to make this possible. Now, its possible to learn python, javascript, Ruby and such languages like this, on “http://www.pythontutor.com/

The need of the hour is to practice and sharpen our programming skills to create the workforce the world needs.

Success Story of Python (https://www.python.org/about/success/)

Success Story of JavaScript (http://tinyurl.com/q3lphx5)

Success Story of Big Data Technologies (http://www.csc.com/big_data/success_stories)

A phenomenon that is observed in the open source based companies is code sharing and re-usability. Open source and code sharing gives time for developers to concentrate on the application they are building. The developers only spends time writing something beautiful, not from scratch but using other beautiful smaller applications developed and shared by a fellow programmer.

With the sharing power of the open source community bigger and bigger applications can be built in smaller and smaller amount of time.


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